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Thoughts on a spec class

Discussion in Losi 5ive General Forum forum, started by gonzo.

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Old 12-12-2017, 01:34 PM
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Default Thoughts on a spec class

Hi All. There was some conversations started at the events at Eli Field last year about the possibility of creating new lower cost spec classes for racing. This would basically limit what can be done to the vehicle (such as no tuned pipes) in order to keep cost down and allow the newcomer to feel competitive with having to break the bank. I am throwing this out here in order to see what the public thinks should or should not have limits set on for these new classes. I appreciate any and all input as its for the future growth of 1/5th scale off road racing.

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Old 12-13-2017, 05:35 PM
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Default Thoughts on a spec class

Racing requires rules and 1/5 has none
And as I said to anyone who would listen 2013 /14
We need a set for motor and length and with
When there was racing going on
But you were allowed to throw anything down
And if I remember right that’s the time the 320 came out and they wouldn’t run 30 min on a tank so they cut the time of the race down
But guess what they wouldn’t make 20 min also
I know you remember Lee
The standing joke was next race I was going to bring a side by side atv and enter it and have a real driver in it and say it was remote control
And I would go stand on the drivers stand and pretend to drive it
And it would have been allowed
Count me in for all rules I love 1/5
And Merry Christmas Lee
Chads a dad now and he’s Hen Pecked so bad
But the new driver is almost potty trained and he’s already driving
Right now his diaper falls down while he drives and breaks his concentration and he crashes so you will see us as soon as he’s potty trained
Are you still delivering Chinese food

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